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What Is NXC Dog?


For over a decade we have helped thousand of Dogs set New Personal Performance Records in Dog Sports, and have achieved countless health improving transformations. Once you provide the key details about your Dog we will design a nutrient dense, enriched meal plan that will get you one step closer to your nutritional GOAL! Our Team of certified canine nutritional experts will analyze your information, and come up with a program that will seamlessly fit into your current feeding regimen.


As we all know there is no better way in transforming physique, improving health, enhancing performance levels, or developing High Quality Muscle than exercise. Exercise is one of Nature’s best drugs, and it’s FREE. Whether you are a Top Flight Trainer wanting to amplify your current workout program, or just an everyday dog owner looking for ways to improve your Dog’s body, and cardiovascular health we have the tools to help it Level UP!


While having a great nutritional and exercise plan are critical to your dog’s success they won’t deliver any RESULTS without your commitment. Unfortunately there are no magic pills or powders that will allow you to pour on your dog’s food and achieve maximizing It’s genetic potential. You have to put in the work, and you have to stay dedicated. In other words, turn it into a Lifestyle! By becoming part of our Team you will have access to our entire Coaching Staff who will help you get RESULTS you’re looking for!